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Everything You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers - From the Experts at Medineeds Rami Aesthetics

Date: Oct 27, 2022
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It can be a frustrating experience if you've tried creams, oils, and other anti-ageing products but still see lines and wrinkles on your face. If you desire to see your youthful face looking back at you in the mirror, dermal fillers can help you do so. These minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are extremely popular among millions of people for a variety of reasons. Read along to find out Everything You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers.


What are Dermal Fillers?


Dermal fillers are derived from the natural-occurring Hyaluronic Acid. The effects can last upto 12 months and you will see the results straight away after the treatment. Hyaluronic acid draws water molecules, which aids in the hydration of the body and skin. We produce a lot of HA when we're young. Unfortunately, as we age, HA production slows, resulting in a decrease in skin elasticity. Because HA has the ability to moisturise and keep the skin plump, countless younger women under thirty are using fillers to prevent wrinkles from ever forming.

At Medineeds Rami Aesthetics we use Dermal Fillers primarily in the lower face in areas that most contribute to the appearance of ageing.  We aim to restore volume and soften facial lines, giving a more youthful appearance. 

What are the Dos and Don’ts Following treatment with Dermal Fillers? 


  • Avoid exposure to heat and UV light. This includes Saunas, steam rooms, sun beds, hot showers, and strenuous exercise. 

  • This can increase swelling and recovery time.

  • Use a cold pack so as not to apply ice directly to the skin.

  • Try not to touch the area for 24 hours, and avoid excessive pressure for 72 hours.

  • Avoid facial massages, laser treatments or invasive skin procedures until the area has completely healed.

  • Do not apply makeup until the following day post-treatment.


How can I find out more about Medineeds Rami Aesthetic Services?

At Medineeds Rami Aesthetics, we strive to make you look and feel your best. We have many years of experience in our fields of expertise and also provide frontline healthcare services. Our Medineeds Rami Aesthetics team consists of health providers and professionals who are committed to assisting you in achieving organic but extremely effective results.

Know someone who would like more information or want to book a consultation? Please contact the Medineeds Reception Team about our Rami Aesthetic Service.  

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