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Foot Care Top Tips from the Healthcare Specialists at Medineeds

Date: Apr 12, 2022
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At Medineeds Health and Wellness Clinic we are often asked for top tips on how our patients can look after their feet, as everyone knows that it is really important to make sure we all take the best care we can with our feet.

We understand that often people don’t know what foot care routine they should be following at home, what foot care do’s and don’ts there are, or when it is necessary to call on expert foot care advice and support.

We also understand that sometimes there is also confusion about the different terms used in foot care, such as podiatry and chiropody.

So, what is the best advice for looking after our feet?

Here are the Foot Care Top Tips from our Medineeds Foot Care Specialist Sarah Clauson:

  • Wash your feet with warm water, make sure you dry your feet, especially between toes and change into clean socks daily.
  • File toenails to smooth the edges with a diamond deb type nail file, do not pick the skin at the side of your toenail or the nail.
  • Keep the skin supple by using a 10% urea-based emollient, avoid applying in between the toes and on toenails.
  • Inspect your feet daily, be aware of any changes to the skin such as inflammation, a new cut or wound, check your shoes and socks also for foreign objects that could harm your feet.
  • Never walk in or outdoors barefoot, as this can easily cause injury to the feet.


Medineeds Foot Care Services – the best value Somerset podiatry and chiropody services, provided by local healthcare experts

Our Podiaty (Chiropody) service is led by Principal Podiatrist Sarah Clauson, Bsc (Hons). Sarah is registered with the Royal College of Podiatry and has over 11 years’ NHS experience, and is a specialist in rheumatology, diabetic foot and wound care.

The Podiatry service offers Assessment, Diagnosis, Management and Treatment for all foot problems, from corns and callus, to verrucae and orthotics.

How can I find out more about Medineeds Foot Care Services?

At Medineeds we are on a mission to improve the wellbeing of our local community. We have many years of experience in our areas of expertise and are also involved in the provision of frontline healthcare services.

Our Medineeds Health & Wellness Clinic team is made up of healthcare specialists and professionals, dedicated to taking care of your health and wellness.

If you are concerned about your feet or would like more advice on how to care for them, please contact our friendly Medineeds Reception Team, who will happily advise you on our Podiatry Service.

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