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Medineeds Orthotics Services

Date: Apr 26, 2022
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At Medineeds Health and Wellness Clinic we are often asked for top tips on how our patients can look after their feet, and if they need insoles or orthoses, as everyone knows it is really important to make sure we all take the best care we can with our feet.

We understand that often people don’t know what foot care routine they should be following at home, what orthotics do’s and don’ts there are, or when it is necessary to call on an expert for orthotic advice and support.

We also understand that sometimes there is also confusion about the different equipment and aids used in orthotic care and how to use and look after them for the best health results.

So, what is the best advice from our Orthotist for looking after your feet and legs?

Here are the Orthotic Top Tips from our Medineeds Foot and Lower Limb Orthotic Specialist Carolyn Royse:

  • Wearing the right Footwear is key: 

Footwear plays a large part in stopping or reducing in your pain in your feet, ankles knees and hips. Wearing shoes that fit properly is important, so get your feet measured. Opt for styles that have a fastening rather than a slip-on and with a heel of no more than 4cm. A shoe with a rounded toe and thick shock absorbing outer sole will always be better for your feet. So save your high heels and dress shoes for occasional use. 

  • Lifestyle factors can cause pain in your feet, legs and back:

Smoking, being physically inactive and overweight can all increase the risk of developing musculoskeletal damage.  These lifestyle factors are also closely linked with long-term diseases such as heart problems and diabetes which can impact on your life
Problems elsewhere in the body can be can causing your pain:
Pain in the foot and ankle can be as a result of problems or pain elsewhere in the body and vice versa; this can be the lower back, hip or the knee. Commonly this is known as referred pain.

  • Devices bought in shops can help:

Items such insoles, knee braces and back supports can be bought from shops and online (these are known as off the shelf). These devices are called orthoses. They are often less corrective and more generic than items that are prescribed by an Orthotist. Off the shelf devices may only get you so far. If off the shelf items are not helping an Orthotic assessment may be required to provide you with the correct device, individualised to your needs that is most appropriate for you.

  • Know when to seek professional help

The majority of musculoskeletal conditions get better within six to eight weeks although sometimes they can persist for longer, seriously impacting on your lifestyle and the things you like to do. If this is the case a full biomechanical examination can be useful to identify what may be causing your pain. 

Contact Medineeds for a full orthotic assessment. We can help you get back to doing the things that pain prevents you from doing. 

Medineeds Orthotics Service – the best value Somerset orthotics service, provided by local healthcare experts

Our orthotic service is led by Carolyn Royse, Orthotist/ Prosthetist BSc MBAPO. Carolyn qualified in 2007 and has worked in the UK and Ireland as an orthotist and prosthetist and has specialised for the last ten years in orthotics. 

Her areas of interest are biomechanics of the foot and ankle, the diabetic foot and neurological gait. She has expanded her knowledge having completed a fellowship in population health and is keenly interested all aspects of healthcare that keep us well.

How can I find out more about Medineeds Orthotics Services?

At Medineeds we are on a mission to improve the wellbeing of our local community. We have many years of experience in our areas of expertise and are also involved in the provision of frontline healthcare services.

Our Medineeds Health & Wellness Clinic team is made up of healthcare specialists and professionals, dedicated to taking care of your health and wellness.

If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from an assessment, please contact please contact our friendly Medineeds Reception, who will happily advise you on our Orthotics Service.

Call our Reception Team today to arrange an appointment 01823 277755 or email